24.10.2018 – Keynote on Postdigital Lutherie at the 8th International Research Group Meeting in São Paulo, Brazil by Martin Kaltenbrunner.


26.9.2018 – Talk and discussion on Postdigital Design at the subnetTALK series in Salzburg, Austria by Martin Kaltenbrunner.

22.9.2018 – Tquencer performance at the Austrian Cultural Forum in London, United Kingdom by Jens Vetter.

13-14.9.2018 – Workshop on tangible instruments at the Speculum Artium festival in Trbovlje, Slovenia by Enrique Tomás.

8.9.2018 – Presentation at the FWF Science Slam in Vienna, Austria by Martin Kaltenbrunner.

8.9.2018 – Talk at the Sonic Saturday symposium at Bruckner University Linz by Enrique Tomás.

31.8.2018 – Concert at Eufonic Festival (Spain) by Enrique Tomás.

12.7.2018 – Paper presentation on the Schallmauer installation at the xCoAX 2018 conference in Madrid, Spain by Martin Kaltenbrunner and Enrique Tomás.

5.7.2018 – Presentation on Physical Sound Representation with Haptic Control Feedback at the Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, Germany by Jens Vetter.

30.6.2018 – Concert at Medialab Prado Madrid (Spain) by Enrique Tomás.

20.6.2018 – Paper presentation on the TUIO 2.0 protocol at the EICS 2018 conference in Paris, France by Martin Kaltenbrunner.

15.6.2018 – Paper presentation on Collaborative Design Methods at the ICLI 2018 conference in Porto, Portugal by Enrique Tomás.

24-27.5.2018 – Exhibition of the Sound Shifting project at the ADAF 2018 festival in Athens, Greece by Reinhard Gupfinger.

9-13.5.2018 – Presentation of the Sound Shifting project at the Stroke Art Fair in Munich, Germany by Reinhard Gupfinger.

3-4.5.2018 – Workshop with Tangible Scores at the Fine Arts University of Pontevedra, Spain by Enrique Tomás.

29.4.2018 – Concert A moment of Transition at L.E.V. Festival Gijón, Spain by Enrique Tomás

19-21.4.2018 – Paper presentation and workshop at the Transient Topographies conference, University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland by Enrique Tomás and Fabrizio Lamoncha.

13.4.2018 – Presentation of the Tangible Music Lab at the Lange Nacht der Forschung, Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria by Reinhard Gupfinger, Jens Vetter and Martin Kaltenbrunner.

4.4.2018 – Talk on Post-Digital Lutherie at the Knowing in Performing Symposium, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Vienna, Austria by Martin Kaltenbrunner.

20.3.2018 – Demo of the Tquencer at the TEI2018 Conference, Stockholm, Sweden by Martin Kaltenbrunner and Jens Vetter.

24.1.2018 – Keynote on Begreifbare Forschung at the Kunst belebt Wirtschaft series, at the Oberbank Forum Linz, Austria by Martin Kaltenbrunner.

12.1.2018  – Workshop at Katarina Gurska Foundation in Madrid, Spain by Enrique Tomás.


5.12.2017 – Talk at the Leicht über Linz symposium at the Bruckneruniversität Linz, by Martin Kaltenbrunner.

22.11.2017 – Paper presentation on Sonic Experiments with Grey Parrots at the Animal Computer Conference in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom by Reinhard Gupfinger.

10.11.2017  – Concert Tangible Scores at Alte Schmiede Vienna by Enrique Tomás.

12.10.2017  – Concert Tangible Scores at MEQ Festival (HumainTROPhumain) in Montpellier by Enrique Tomás.

11.10.2017 – Guest Lecture on Tangible Music at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Hagenberg by Martin Kaltenbrunner.

7.10.2017  – Concert Tangible Scores at Blaues Rauschen Festival in Herne by Enrique Tomás.

26.6.2017 – Guest Lecture on Animal Music at the Baushausinteraction Colloquium in Weimar, Germany by Martin Kaltenbrunner.

1.6.2017 Animal Music Symposium at Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria with Martin Kaltenbrunner, Reinhard Gupfinger and Alien Productions.

31.5.2017 – Performance of metamusic at Salzamt Linz, Austria with Reinhard Gupfinger and Alien Productions.

4.5.2017  – Concert at the IEM CUBE in Graz by the Intra-Sonic Duo, curated by Enrique Tomás.

24.2.2017 – Presentation of the Tangible Scores at Open ZK/U in Berlin by Enrique Tomás

2.2.2017 – Talk at the MusikMakerLab – CTM Festival in Berlin by Enrique Tomás